Sciatica Pain and Treatment

Sciatica Treatment: Live A Pain Free Life

Many people experience varying levels of back pain. Depending on the severity of the pain, it may become difficult for both men and women to enjoy life in a way that they did before their body began to hurt with every movement they make. One specific type of pain that people may have is sciatica, which can vary in terms of the amount of pain that is felt. However, no matter the level of pain, patients should seek sciatica treatment from a chiropractic specialist that they trust.

What Is Sciatica?

The sciatic nerve is a nerve that begins in the lower part of the back and runs down to the lower limbs. The sciatic nerve is also known for being in control of many of the feelings that a person has in their legs and feet. Therefore, if irritation has occurred to the sciatic nerve, a patient may experience varying levels of pain that stretches from their back all the way to their toes. Because the sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in the body, it can have a multitude of effects if it has been damaged or irritated. When this happens, many people need to seek out sciatica treatment for relief.

What Does Sciatica Feel Like?

Patients who have never had sciatica pain cannot truly understand how detrimental it can be. On the other hand, patients who have sciatica have noted experiencing pain that runs from their lower back, throughout their thigh or calves, and also in their feet as well. Many patients also note the feeling of burning that occurs in these areas, which can be one of the most serious concerns to have. In most cases, patients will also feel pain in the lumbar, buttocks, legs and hips. When the pain starts to kick in, patients may have a hard time doing tasks that are as simple as walking or driving. This is why sciatica treatment is necessary to get back on the right road for a healthy life.

What Options Are Available For Sciatica Treatment?

The first suggestion for patients seeking sciatica treatment is going to include chiropractic treatment. Chiropractors can implement a variety of stretches and other movements that will help free up the tension that is occurring in the sciatic nerve. Each patient will require different amounts of time visiting the chiropractor, but the end goal is to teach the muscles to react differently when dealing with sciatica.

Another option for sciatica treatment is massage therapy. A massage therapist that specializes in sciatica treatment can help loosen the tension that is in the lower back, buttocks and legs, which has been shown to relieve pain throughout the entire body. Not only is massage therapy a great option for sciatica treatment, but it also will help relax the rest of the body and take the mind off of the pain that occurs from sciatica.

What Causes Sciatica?

Without knowing the patient personally, it’s difficult to say what could be the exact cause of sciatica. In many cases, extreme tension or irritation to the nerve can occur when a patient is involved in a strenuous activity. Therefore, those that are active in their jobs or simply exercise frequently may have concerns when it comes to sciatica problems. In addition, genetics could cause a patient to have sciatica, without doing anything particularly wrong in their daily routine. Lastly, expecting mothers also find themselves with an increased potential for sustaining sciatica problems, which may last even after they have had their child.

How Can A Chiropractic Care Center Help With Sciatica Treatment?

When a patient first visits the chiropractor, the chiropractic specialist will evaluate the symptoms that the patient has. At this point, the team at Valrico Spine and Rehab Center can perform an MRI or other examination to determine whether or not the issues are truly related to sciatica. In the event that the pain a patient is experiencing is in fact due to issues with the sciatic nerve, then there are a variety of different treatment options available.

Valrico Spine and Rehab Center is Dedicated to
Helping Patients With Sciatica Pain

It’s important that patients remember that there is no set cure that will help to relieve sciatica pain. Instead, every person is different and will require his or her own treatment plan. That said, with the right plan in place, sciatic pain is something that can be treated. A trusted chiropractic facility like Valrico Spine and Rehab Center offers a variety of different sciatic treatment options. Their staff is dedicated to helping patients find the treatment options that are right for their specific issues. Sciatic pain is something that countless people around the world have to deal with. However, the right treatment can ensure that patients are no longer plagued by the pain or discomfort that comes from inflammation or damage to the sciatic nerve.