Low Back Pain Treatment

Low Back Pain & Treatment: Everything You Need To Know

Lower back pain is an incredibly common occurrence in today’s society. Most people take pain pills or just think of the pain as a part of life. But it doesn’t have to be that way. For patients that are feeling pain in their lower back, there are a multitude of different problems that should be considered. Many patients don’t realize this, but the pain that they feel from their lower back could come from a variety of health issues.

  • Not lifting weights the correct way
  • Improperly sitting in a chair at work
  • A car accident that happened over 10 years ago

These are all issues that could be correlated with pain that is felt in the lower back. Luckily, Dr. Frank R. Fabbiano has years of experience with low back pain & treatment options.

Treatment Options

While lower back pain may affect the way a patient has been living their life, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t options available. Instead, Dr. Fabbiano and his team at Valrico Spine & Rehab Center can suggest a variety of different options for treatment.

What Causes The Lower Back To Hurt?

The lower back consists of the iliopsoas muscle, which is a vital part of keeping the natural alignment in a patient’s body. When damage has occurred to the iliopsoas, there may be issues that occur in the spine, pelvis, abdomen, or hip flexors. Because of the amount of pressure that many people put on their lower back, it is often a muscle that is overworked or improperly treated when hurt. When these issues continue for an extended period of time, even more damage can occur in the lower back.

How Can Lower Back Pain Affect A Person’s Lifestyle?

Patients who have an issue with their lower back know what kind of pain they go through on a daily basis. At work it may be difficult to lift packages or even walk from office to office. In some cases, even those who sit in their chair for many hours a day will likely notice that their back is sore when it’s time to go home. For those that have jobs that are strenuous or physically demanding, the pain that can be felt in the lower back can become even worse over time. All of these issues will only become more damaging, especially if a trained specialist doesn’t treat the lower back pain. A job isn’t the only place where lower back pain will kick in. Instead, it may be difficult to keep up with family, participate in sports, or even sleep at night. This is a slippery slope of problems, which can all be alleviated with the proper treatment for lower back pain.

Chiropractic Care

One of the top options for low back pain & treatment is chiropractic care. With the use of chiropractic techniques, a trained chiropractor can manipulate the body in ways that will free up tension in the lower back. In addition, a chiropractor can also help loosen other muscles in the body that are connected to the back, which could be the initial cause of a patient’s discomfort.

Massage Therapy

Another choice for lower back pain includes massage therapy. The muscles in the back are commonly the place where most people store tension and stress in their body. However, massage therapy aims to relax the mind and muscles. Whether a patient wants a full body massage or one that is targeted at the areas that are in pain, the results can be incredibly beneficial.

Preventative Care

The trained team at Valrico Spine and Rehab Center isn’t just worried about making patients feel better; they’re also focused on ensuring safety moving forward. Many patients do not realize that some of the most common daily activities could be the reason for their back pain. Therefore, it’s the goal of the team at Valrico to help patients learn about managing their back pain and ensure that it isn’t something that lingers for the rest of their life.

Take Action & Get The Care You Deserve

Instead of using medication to mask the pain, patients should consider how Valrico Spine and Rehab Center can help with low back pain & treatment options. Living with back pain isn’t something that people have to go through. You can end all of the pain and suffering you have felt. In order to fix any issues and ensure better health in the future, patients should see a chiropractic care team that they trust and depend on.